About Us

A Kermesse is a European term for a village festival. Originally held on the anniversary of the foundation of a church or parish and held in honor of the church’s patron, today these festivals survive in the form of small, local carnivals, often used for fund-raising. These carnivals often feature feasting, dancing, games, and sports of all kinds.

In Belgium, the Netherlands, and Northern France, the featured sport is typically bicycle road racing. Kermesses (also known as Kermis) are tough circuit races, held over multiple laps around the local district.

At Kermesse Sport, we believe that special events should be community oriented, multi-faceted, and fun. Offering something for everyone is paramount. While sport may be the focus of an event, it should be only one of the attractions.

Kermesse Sport has been involved in event management for more than 20 years, both as event promoters and contractors. We have played prominent roles in prestigious events such as the Centennial Olympic Games, the USPRO Cycling Championships, the Univest Grand Prix, the USAF Classic, and the CSC Invitational, the Philadelphia Marathon, Gran Fondo Colnago and Gran Fondo Giro d’Italia series.